Speed / Traffic Ticket
Speed / Traffic Ticket

Speed / Traffic Ticket

What is the best approach to fight a speeding ticket in court? How does a speeding ticket affect your insurance coverage? We understand you have a lot of questions. We know it is a difficult situation and we are here to extend our hand to you. We will take care of your traffic ticket violation so you can have more time on various other important tasks.
For more than two decades, we already help drivers reduce and get rid of their penalties, fees and points on their driver’s license.
We have successfully represented clients with:
● Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License
● Driving with Revoked Driver’s License
● Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs
● Driving Without Proof of a Valid License
● Improper Turn
● Running a Red Light
● Failing to Pay Traffic Ticket
● Driving in the Wrong Direction
● Disobeying a Traffic Control Device
● Failed To Use Car Signals
● Failure to Yield, Rear End, T-Bone Ticket
● Fleeing the Scene Of A Car Accident
● Careless and Reckless Driving Violation
● Speeding and Aggravated Speeding
● Fail to Stop for School Bus Ticket
● Following Too Closely or Tailgating Fines
● Felony DWI Charge
Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer in Troy, Michigan
Did you know that obtaining ticket citation have unfavorable effects?
If you need a lawyer known for having excellent credibility in Troy, Michigan,
we are always available anytime you need us. We will fight for you to get the most effective possible resolution for your case.
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