Traffic Citation

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We have effectively represented drivers with traffic citation, including:

    • Disobeying a Traffic Control Device
    • Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License
    • Driving while License has been Revoked
    • Driving with No License
    • Driving without the Required Insurance coverage
    • Failing to follow the instructions of a Traffic Control Device Violation Ticket
    • Failure or improper use of turn
    • Failure to Pay a Traffic Ticket Violation
    • Failure-to-Yield Motor Vehicle Collision Traffic Ticket
    • Fleeing the Scene Of A Car Accident
    • Going the Upside-down
    • Habitual Driving while Impaired
    • Improper Turning Violation Ticket
    • Operating a vehicle under the influence of Drugs
    • Passing a Stopped School Bus Violation Ticket
    • Reckless Driving Traffic Violation
    • Speeding Ticket Defense
    • Tailgating (Following Too Closely)
    • Texting and Mobile Phone Usage While Driving
    • Unsafe Lane Changing

For more than 20 years, we already help drivers decrease and get rid of fines, fees and points on their driver’s license. We are strongly devoted to providing high quality legal services.

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